TitlulOrganizatieScopul proiectului
A chance for independenceAsociatia Nevazatorilor din Romania,filiala judeteana NeamtThe aim of the project "A chance for independence" is providing support for the social integration of the blind assists in Neamt county.Group of people with vision impairment remains, still, a group socially isolated because of all kinds of barriers that limit access on equal terms in community life and, not infrequently, due to their choice of members. This makes it necessary to design and implement a communication strategy by ANR - Neamt county branch, in order to open the community and social inclusion of more and more people with visual disabilities as well as training community structures, to implement the project.The project activities help people with visual disabilities to make contact with the outside world, to socialize. Backed assist in the activities of assistive equipment are acquired, support that help improve the lives of blind people: Watches speaking, sticks guidance, magnifiers, etc.
BatPro for MobileLions Club AradThe goal of this project is to bring BatPro benefits into the smart phones of blind and visually impaired people. The new BatPro for Mobile platforms opens (for the first time on the mobile phones) access to thousands of audio books, as well as internet radio, newspapers and interactive tutorials. Powerful and valuable tools will be implemented, as Light Detection (on/off), Color Recognition (18 colors), Banknote Identification and ATM Interactive Assistant. Behind the new system is the powerful BatPro Cloud Platform, a fully accessible web-based portal service. The main purpose of the application is to increase the quality of life for blind peoples, as well as to offer an autonomous life and to improve the social integration. Lions and Orange volunteers will distribute BatPro systems to branches of Romanian Blind Association and will assist blind peoples to get used with the new system.
Audio library for visual impaired personsFundația Împreună pentru Solidaritate SocialăThe project goal is facilitating the access of the visually impaired persons in education by offering them the posibility to "read'' books that will be converted in an audio format. The change that we want to obtain after implementing this project is represented by raising the level of education and culture among visually disabled persons, as well as raising their empowerment and self esteem. Generaly speaking the opportunities for visual impaired persons to do things for themselves is low but listening to an audio book is one thing that may help them gain knowledge and broaden their perspectives. For example they may find out that they can be good with writing poetry, literature or they may like foreign languages and try to become a translator, being helped in this process by different softwares.
Music & EmotionsAsociatia Young GoldfishWe aim to increase access to education and a better integration in society for visually impaired children. We intend to build a studio for audio recordings and music rehearsals where children and teachers will have access daily in there school where they will have the musical instruments and equipment needed to record themselves while playing instruments and singing together, expressing their emotions and proving their talents. They will work together with their teachers of music and psychology and with volunteers. Children will develop their skills of music, communication and team work, they will improve their self-esteem and will feel like music stars in shows and concerts nationally broadcasted. In this studio we will record more audio books, stories or songs they will increase access to education and develop communication skills Children will be able to participate in various competitions and concerts with the school’s musical instruments together with their teachers.
First Aid for Hearing ImpairedCrucea Rosie Romana - Filiala Sector 6Our project goal is to preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery in case of accidents for hearing impaired persons through first aid training adapted for their needs. We aim to make first aid courses and training materials accessible to the deaf community, in order to be able to learn how to react to emergency situations and treat a wide range of injuries. Everyone can be a life-saver!
IHY²: I hear you, I hire youAteliere Fara FrontiereThe project aims at creating a innovating job coaching and training program for hearing impaired and people with speech disorders within our work integration workshops in order to prepare these disadvantaged target groups to integrate the regular labor market. A special methodology, a set of tools for our production and social staff and adapted soft skills trainings for hearing impaired people will be created within this project and will be disseminated to accredited NGOs, WISEs (work integration social enterprises) and public social services from all over the country.
Science for all, for a better life!Asociatia pentru FormareImproved quality of education of the hearing and visually impaired people through science education based on "hands-on" experiences.Because science is everywhere, and understanding how it’s a part of our daily lives can give to the hearing and visually impaired students a great foundation for success in their lives.
Urban Mobility ClubAsociția Metodelor Alternative de Integrare SocialăIncreasing the urban mobility of the visually impaired people by supporting them to develop abilities of spatial orientation is a must in order to be able to speak about a real inclusion. In this order, the project aims to create the first club dedicated to people with visual deficiencies with activities of interest to able-bodied people as well. The idea of having a club is more than offering a place where people would stay together, but it is the first step towards fighting the auto-isolation the visual impaired persons are experiencing. More, the club will promote a “share to share” model of working with people with visual deficiencies by supporting them to stay focused more on what they can do in their best way and not on what they cannot do. This approach will be possible by giving them the opportunity to teach each other, to share knowledge and their best abilities.
Out of Sight Asociatia Culturala MetropolisThe project aim to provoke a change in the attitude of the people about the children with visual deficiencies by creating a unique opportunity to be the witness of everyday life of a girl with visual disability, to understand both the dreams she has and the challenges she is facing. For this, the project team will produce an artistic movie, “Out of Sight”, an observational documentary which will present the story of Adina, a 13 years old girl from Brasov. Like other movies which are using this technique, there are no actors and no fiction in the movie, but a natural approach to the subject which is recorded in different circumstances to create at the end a puzzle composed from pieces of life. But more than getting the information about the everyday life of a child with disability, a movie is able to say the story, to create empathy with the character and, in the end, provoke change.
The Sound of FriendshipAsociatia pentru Educatie Practica si Creativa"The Sound of Friendship" project aims to improve the social interactions between visually impaired children and children with no disabilities, to involve the children with no disabilities in helping the visually impaired ones do their homework, read books for them, to learn and discover together new places, new information, new ways to communicate and spend quality time together.
Romanian Virtual Cultural Center of the DeafANPEDA Virgil FloreaWith regard to the Culture of the Deaf, there are numerous studies and publications in the world. Depending on the perception, deafness is considered as a disability or as an enrichment with an own culture. The goal of the project is to increase the chances of social integration for deaf people by forming and developing the cultural identity for deaf community members and making the hearing community be aware of the existence of deaf cultural identity. The implementation of this project will result in the increase of self-esteem and the formation of a mature personality with abilities for social integration for deaf community members. Also, the members of the hearing community will be more sensitive on this issue. The long term impact of this initiative is to valorize the creative potential of the deaf community members and to increase the society’s level of tolerance on the issues of deaf culture, therefore to develop an inclusive society.
The Silent VoiceFundatia IkarosThe project goal is to facilitate social inclusion and to improve the quality of life to 800 people with hearing impairments from Romania. The project goal will be achieved through developing an android voice to text and text to voice convertor app to which at least 800 people from Romania (children, their parents or other members of the family, members of the community) will have free access and will learn how to use it. All special schools for hearing impaired from Romania, Incluzive Centers, National Association for Deaf, National Authority for People with Dizabilities will find out about the convertor app through dissemination activities and if they will require, they will have free access to install the app through a generated user code and also to the user guide tutorial.
Accessible Crafts VillageAsociatia Moara de hartieOpening up the world of creativity through crafts for the visitors of the Comana Crafts Village. Culture is a right of persons with disabilities clearly defined under international law. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 48/96 “Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities” states in art. 10: “States should ensure that persons with disabilities have the opportunity to utilize their creative, artistic and intellectual potential, not only for their own benefit, but also for the enrichment of their community, be they in urban or rural areas.” The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reaffirms that under art. 30: “States Parties shall take appropriate measures to enable persons with disabilities to have the opportunity to develop and utilize their creative, artistic and intellectual potential, not only for their own benefit, but also for the enrichment of society.”
Voices for Hands: Video Remote InterpretingAsociația Națională a Surzilor din România - Filiala BucureștiThe goal of this project is to improve the Sign Language interpretation services for the Romanian Deaf community by ensuring the functionality of a regulated system of video remote interpreting (V.R.I.). This system will be based on a platform which will offer V.R.I. services for hearing impaired citizens, using an application program that can be accessed by any Sign Language user that requests Sign Language interpreting services. Implementing this project will lead to a better social recognition of Sign Language as a major element of the Deaf culture and community, and will also increase awareness of the necessity of Sign Language interpreting for the members of the Deaf community. Consequently, developing a special V.R.I. system will significantly increase the number of Sign Language interpretation services by eliminating distance barriers as frequently as possible, while also providing guidance towards the quality of these services.
hidROterapia-in gross motor developmentScoala mamei Junior NGOThe main goal of this project is to train in water therapy 10 NGO workers from 5 different cities that will provide free water therapy classes to 200 deaf and blind children for 9 months, in order to improve their gross motor skills, as a step to their semi-independent life.
Light of Culture. Accessibility of the PalaceComplex Muzeal National MOLDOVA IasiThe project’s overall objective is to improve the life quality of visually impaired people by increasing the access to cultural activities as part of the thematic tour organised by 2 Palace of Culture's Museums.This vulnerable group will gain access to a space with modern technology and special adapted exhibits in order to help them to achieve this objective. It also aims to increase self-confidence, communication skills and teamwork abilities. Activities will be carried out under the coordination and guidance of specialists in working with visulally impaired persons and highly qualified volunteers involved in the project. The project aims to open a public space to visually impaired persons and to influence the attitude of the majority of the persons regarding them. The “Palace tour in the dark” is a common experience normal and blind people can share, increasing the acceptance of blind people in the society and providing a novel experience for all participants.
Digital Access and Bridging Cultures for VisuFundatia Copiii pentru Copii - Copiii PaciiProject “Digital Access and Bridging Cultures for the Visually Impaired" aims to open opportunities for the visually impaired students and people from Cluj and Maramures county to have access to knowledge and culture using the Internet and improving the educational process by equipping 20 classrooms with PCs and software for the students of the Special High School for the Visually Impaired, Cluj and creating 2 Internet Clubs with 10 computers in Baia Mare (6 computers) and Sighet (4 computers) for the members of the Association for Visually Impaired, Maramures Branch pulling them out to light. It aims to offer training for the computer use in Maramures county developing self-confidence and giving life-long skills. Lastly, we wish to enable an inter-generational cultural and digital exchange between the youth of the High School and the adults of the Association bringing freshness and a renewed attitude to life.
Asculta IstoriaAsociatia TANDEMTo promote the creation of study materials adapted for the special needs of visually impaired students by creating a pilot e-learning platform that will promote, in the first phase, the study and understanding of the history of Romania for the 100 students in each academic year in the special (visually impaired) and inclusive schools in all regions of Romania. The aim is to design and create, in partnership with the National History and Archaeology Museum in Constanta, a digital study aid covering the 8th grade school curricula. This will be completely accessible to the visually impaired, with enlarged script and augmented with audio materials that include professional reading of the selected text and a selection of sounds that characterize the specific time period described in the text. The auxiliary materials will also include a set of thermoprinted pages (tactile) with various illustrations and some 3D printed replicas of objects from the museum.
Mobile, visible and interconnected = integratAsociatia Nevazatorilor, filiala BistritaThe goal of the project is to help the target group of the project, constituted of blind and partially sighted persons, to be more mobile independently, more interconnected between them and with the organization and more connected to the life of the community. All these are expected to produce a better access to the community networks and resources and, in the end, better chances of access on the labor market that will contribute to a better self-esteem and a better quality of life. The target group represents only a fraction of the total number of blind and partially sighted persons in my county, which is close to 2500 persons, so we use this opportunity provided by Orange Foundation, to create an implement only a pilot project. If it will work, we want to continue to search for resources and support, to extend it to many other blind and partially sighted from our county. The results of the project will be reflected in a report and a video that can be used to multiply this project.
Joy of SoundsAsociatia persoanelor cu deficiente de auz "Asculta Viata"Building on the achievements of the „Listening to Life” project funded by Orange Foundation, „Joy of Sounds” project aims to further develop a complex system of support in the recovery of children with cochlear implant; facilitate their rehabilitation and integration in mainstream education by setting-up two cochlear implant early intervention centers, improve the number of CI rehabilitation specialists and their professionalization and creation of an online library for CI users, candidates, their families, specialists and educational personnel. It aims to provide speech therapy using the latest digital techniques in the field, counseling, technical assistance and support the families in embracing their key role from the early moment of detection. The project aims to familiarize the teachers and educators from mainstream education with the CI therapy in order to increase the chance of a successful inclusion of children with CI in mainstream schools.
One click away from ScienceColegiul Tehnic "Ion Holban", IasiThe project goal is to reduce dropout among students with disabilities sensory, motor and motor neurone disease, improving quality of education and the school recuprerare by arranging classes and multifunctional friendly school activities for specific special education and therapy complex educational and integrated.
Ferestre deschise catre lumeAsociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Copilului si a FamilieiThe project goal is to develop an integrated program of learning and social integration, designed to engage hearing-impaired children and children with no disabilities from 5 different cities in Romania. The program will provide blended learning, by means of an online platform for socializing and sign language courses, face-to-face activities for learning and practicing the sign language, as well as develop common activities for the targeted groups – children with hearing impairments and children with no hearing disabilities, interested in learning the sign language and interacting with their disadvantaged peers. The face-to-face workshops aim to improve social integration, reduce discrimination or violent behavior, and increase self-esteem levels for people with hearing disabilities.
SENSOREAD- Sensory stimulation and virtual reAsociatia DerzelasDerzelas Association intends to develop multi-sensory stimulation sessions and to provide the premises with all the equipment needed to create a digital library in order to support the young persons with disabilities to use the innovative technologies for facilitating their living conditions, having as the main goal the social and professional inclusion of young people visually and hearing impaired. Also, Derzelas aims to provide an environment operating for both didactic and leisure purposes. Approximate 150 young people with disabilities will be the beneficiaries of the provided services. The multi-sensory room and digital library enhance benefits that justify the implementation of such a project in Cluj, offering to the students with disabilities the opportunity to embrace new technologies in their social and professional development. The activities will aim to develop their abilities, to enhance the cognitive level through innovative and recreational activities.
In touch with art and emotionsAsociatia MiniArtShow by Ioana Ginghina"In touch with art and emotions" project aims to offer a platform for visually impaired and underprivileged children to better express themselves and to become an integrated part of society. We believe that the collaboration between the two groups of children is very important, as it will help them understand each other better, and relate to one another. Therefore, on the course of 9 months, we will bring 96 children together, from the two target groups and we will help them create a series of 6 stories for an audio-book, as well as an app where you can listen them, based on the stories they will develop under the guidance of a team of professionals. We believe that this project will be an important starting point in their development, as they will have not only created 6 art pieces and helped develop an app that a large audience can enjoy, but they will have also created connections and friendships among each other. The project is meant to change the way these children and other kids
“FROM SIGN TO MEANING”– Free-barrier coSCOALA GIMNAZIALA SPECIALA PENTRU DEFICIENTI DE AUZ "SFANTA MARIA""From Sign to Meaning" intends to facilitate communication and access to information for people with disabilities using digital technology:an online cultural/tourist guide-a web application for desktop, smartphone and tablet with LMG support video for hearing–impaired people and audio support for visual-deficients and an online dictionary with support in pictures and explanations in sign language, www.dexlmg.ro. More people with disabilities use the Internet,they purchase smartphones or tablets to be informed and be able to communicate with people from their community by means of video recording,videocall or audio.However,they have limited access to information that is necessary to improve the quality of life. Through this project,want to contribute to respecting the rights of persons with disabilities.Both dexlmg.ro dictionary and cultural/tour guide with audio and video support will facilitate breaking the communication and integration barriers by organizing an information campaign
Emotion Unseen WorldAsociatia Catharsis BrasovProject goal: Increasing the quality of life for 68 blind and rest of view children in Brasov county. Logic project: The project aims to analyze through a research real needs of visually impaired children and their families in Brasov county, underlying information obtained participation of children in work which are developed at the Center Ray of light. Activities aimed at learning Braille courses, computer use courses, personal development workshops in art therapy (painting, modeling clay). The project addresses the needs of families and, often neglected by the authorities in the integration needs of children and disabled adults view. The entire analysis and activities imply the creation of a Local Action Plan which will propose action directions on the social integration of persons with disabilities of view in Brasov county. The model will be taken and multiplied by other public authorities and NGOs.
Animation Center Asociatia "Si tu meriti o sansa"The project will help deaf people to express their feelings, their vision, to communicate better with other people and integrate better in society, because they do not have many opportunities to become a real part of actual society. The activities will be done in mixt teams – deaf children, deaf adults, specialists and people with no disabilities - to make easier the integration process. In this way, the beneficiaries will feel as part of teams, will have the chance to do their own animations and to present them to large public for making them understand their real needs, feelings, fears and visions.
MIRROR OF GOODNESS - a social responsibilityAsociatia Nationala a Bibliotecarilor si Bibliotecilor Publice din Romania - ANBPRThe project main goal is social recovery and improvement of professional statute of visually impeared in Bucharest, Ilfov and Dambovita, based on technology on career orientation, using the infrastructure of public libraries in Romania, an original interactive game and a Call Center line for visually impaired persons, assured by experienced librarian-trainers. The project will contribute to changing the mentality of the inhabitants of Bucharest,Ilfov and Dambovita through activities aimed to eliminate stereotypes, prejudices and practices of exclusion and marginalization of children, youth and families with visually problems by promoting interdisciplinary activities that will develop positive perceptions able to generate attitudes of acceptance and tolerance for them. In this context, the project proposes a set of tools and modern techniques based on technology from wich people with impaired vision will benefit by specialized assistance in acquiring basic skills for career guidance.
Beyond limitsComplexul Muzeal Bistrita-NasaudThe goal of the project “Beyond limits” is the improvement of the life quality of the persons with aural / sight deficiencies by improving the four web-sites of Bistrita Nasaud Museum ( Museum Bistrita, Museum of Comparative Art Sangeorz Bai, Border Museum Nasaud and Silverer`s House Bistrita) meaning the involvement of these citizens in the online environment as consumers of culture. The improvement of the web-sites means inserting a column adapted to the persons with disabilities that will contain audio and video descriptions, the latter also in sign language, of the 12 sections of Bistrita Nasaud Museum. The project intends to respond to the actual needs of the persons with aural / sight deficiencies; to improve the cultural – educational system adequating it to the persons with deficiencies and to the access of the latter to cultural information and services; to respect the fundamental rights of the persons with aural / sight disabilities.
Free Audio-Book LibraryAsociatia VoxlibrisThe needs of the people with visual impairments are often overlooked by society. The marginalization of this population does not refer only to mobility limitation, but also refer to the access to culture, art and literature. The Free Audio-Book Library offers to the people with visual impairments access to Romanian and universal classic literature through audio-books created in the best audio and technical conditions. The proposed project will enrich library with 15 authors, like the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, to David Copperfield by Charles Dickens or Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.
The ”Little Prince” Resource CenterȘcoala Gimnazială Specială „Emil Gîrleanu”The project aims to build a resource center for blind and hearing loss children allowing to participate to personal development activities and thus, to benefit of therapy, compensation, rehabilitation process. This will happen by transforming voice into Braille for the blind and transform Braille writing text into normal text facilitating communication between children with sensory disorders and people they interact with (teachers, colleagues, family etc.), by purchasing latest technologies in domain (Braille Printer and/or Scanner, adapted Computers and software for sensory disorders).
Easy accessible national hearing care centerAsociatia Audiologilor din RomaniaThe project’s goal is to equip the Children Hospital in Brasov with a high performance microscope for detailed ear inspection and delicate surgeries. This project will make possible the use of performant technologies for hard of hearing children. Cochlear implants are medical devices that provide speech detection for the prelingually and postlingually deafened children, with profound hearing loss. For kids with less severe hearing loss conventional hearing aids are used. Studies shows that the success of rehabilitation of deaf children depends on how early the medical devices are used. The ideal algorithm of intervention is: detection of the hearing problem until 1 month of age, diagnosis until 3 months and intervention with medical devices until 6-12 months. Early intervention provides deaf children a smooth integration in normal educational system and in professional life later in life.
Student Access Asociatia ArtEdStudent Access is the first platform in Romania for peer to peer support for students and pupils with visual impairment. It consists of a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms, interface accessible for people
Cartea VIEScoala Gimnaziala Speciala pentru Deficienti de VedereThe main goal of this project is to give students of the Special Secondary School for Visually Impaired in Bucharest the opportunity to use an innovative technology, which addresses educational, social and recreational needs, that will help the students in improving the learning process, by making it more interactive and interesting. Portable devices “Cartea VIE” stimulate their tactile-kinesthetic sense, develope their imagination and motivate the students to work independently. “Cartea VIE” devices are easy to use by blind students for learning (with embossed sheets: maps, drawings, etc.) and for play. At a simple touch on an item in the A4 tactile sheet, placed on top of the device, an audio recording is played, providing information about the touched item. Cartea VIE is an innovating solution, based on two patents issued by OSIM to the project partner, Ilie Șerban Mihai, one of them awarded with gold and bronze within the invention exhibitions of Cluj-Napoca and Geneva in year 2014
Healthcare and Education for the DeafAsociatia Nationala a Interpretilor Autorizati in Limbaj Mimico - GestualThe project ,,Healthcare and Education for the Deaf” aims to launch the first healthcare application (a guide with useful information and medical terminology translated into RSL) and to interpret into Romanian Sign Language (RSL) 20 edited /summarized texts from literary works that are part of the 8th grade examination and baccalaureate syllabuses. Through the implementation of this project the Deaf persons will be familiar with the medical terms and will become more aware of the importance of mental, emotional and physical health. Moreover, Deaf pupils and their teachers will have a digital support for preparing for the 8th grade and baccalaureate examinations for the Romanian language and literature subject. For the first time in Romania, the Romanian language and literature exam subjects for the 8th grade and baccalaureate examinations will be interpreted into RSL. This step marks the recognition of RSL and represents a solution for increasing the Deaf pupils’ exam passing rate.
Information Against Discrimination Asociatia Nationala a Surzilor din Romania - Filiala BuzauThe main project objective is to ensure access to quality information, in an accessible format, sign language interpreted and with open access nationwide. We want this project to result in the elimination of receipt of incorrect or incomplete information submitted oral or written, eliminating cases where people with hearing lose certain rights and facilities, eliminating cases of signing the documents unaware of or other situations that can affect the lives of those involved because of incomplete or incorrect information. The target group of the project is approximately 24,000 hearing impaired people, their families, health professionals, education and social services working with the hearing impaired.
SoundColorAsocitia Freedom Smile320 actual students and 3000 next generations from the College for blind children in Bucharest will benefit from Artifical intelgience application and Sound Color platform to see and read using modern digital technologies.